I am a blessed, chosen, loved, adopted and redeemed daughter of God as well as a wife, mom and Nana. I blog about a variety of things of navigating life with chronic illnesses while finding joy and refuge in God.

My hobbies include anything creative or tied to nature from blogging and journaling to sewing, quilting, drawing and doing crafts with grandchildren as well as organic gardening, bird watching and feeding and snuggling with my two dogs.

My health took a drastic change after an anphylactic reaction to antibiotics when I split open my knee requiring several stitches in November of 2009. Suddenly I was like the girl in the bubble having severe reactions to everything. Eventually I was diagnosed with a chronic blood cancer that requires daily oral chemo, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), Ehler Danlos syndrome (EDS), dysautonomia, Toxic-Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT), hypothyroid and osteoarthritis. With clear diagnosis and meds, treatments and avoidance of chemicals and fragrances I have become fairly stable but deal with 24/7 pain and fatigue even on my good days. I am so grateful for a sovereign, faithful, good and wise God who is with me every step and enables me to find laughter and joy each day.


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