Capacity for God Enlarged by Suffering 

“Suffering is seen as one of God’s means of enlarging the soul’s capacity for Himself, and sufferers are enjoined to seek God’s enabling that they may lose none of the present or future fullness that God would have them experience as a result…There is only one way in which a sufferer may come to realize the eternal good which is God’s purpose for him in pain, and that is by a close study of the Word of God. Sufferers often find it difficult, even impossible, to maintain a systematic pattern of Bible study; but God in His mercy has not forgotten such needy ones. Scripture abounds with what I like to call God’s fragments—a host of all-encompassing minutiae which, though fragmentary and seemingly unimportant in themselves, are nonetheless capable of nourishing and sustaining the seeking soul.”(p.177, Margaret Clarkson, Grace Grows Best in Winter, pp.9-10).

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