Bomb Cyclone

This week in Colorado we experienced a weather phenomenon called a Bomb Cyclone. For me it was mostly a pain bomb.

Here is a description on a bomb cyclone.

And here is a CNN report on it:

I have chronic pain from Mast Cell Activation and a connective tissue disorder called Elhers Danlos. Weather changes greatly impact my pain. I feel pain the day or two before a weather change as well as during it. My husband jokes my pain barometer is more accurate than the weatherman!

Tuesday afternoon it was sunny and 60 degrees and Wednesday morning we were having a blizzard with a record drop in barometric pressure. I had a couple sleepless nights due to the Painsomnia. We were not otherwise that impacted from the weather beyond my husband working from home the day of it, flickering lights and losing half a tall juniper. Other areas had higher winds and more drifting snow that stranded thousands of Coloradans, as well as many across the state losing power.

You can see the snow drifts and our broken bush. Minimal compared to what others dealt with during this storm.

Above is our front storm door plastered with snow even under a large covered porch. All our windows on every side of the house were plaster like this with snow.

The storm moved northeast and really pounded Nebraska causing huge snowdrifts in the western panhandle and horrific flooding in much of the state.

Here is how you can help those in Nebraska impacted by this storm.

We lived in Nebraska for five years and areas we lived in have been impacted. We still have many friends in the area and are praying for their safety and that their homes be out of the flood zones.

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