Where the Red Sea Parts

I met a new friend, who Gail, in recent months who relocated from several states away. She and her husband attend my church and have joined our small group. Gail has multiple health issues going on yet exudes such joy and as faith and obviously lives in such a way that you know she finds her refuge in Jesus Christ. Gail shared this poem and some thoughts with me recently that were so encouraging. I asked her permission to share it here to you my readers

Photo by me I June 2022

Where the Red Sea Parts

Where the Red Sea parts and the Jordan River Runs away

with an open heart,

my head nods yes, to your will and your way.

Yours is a kingdom that cannot be shaken,

your word is powerful and true. There is absolutely nothing that should “rattle”my life,as my eyes are fixed on you.

Everything in nature jumps at His command and rests in Our precious Savior’s nail scarred hand.Since you hold the world in the palm of your hands, you have ordained and secured all of my plans.

No need for guessing,must tell my flesh to submit,you have all the puzzle pieces and they surely do fit!

Resting as a contented child

That’s been nurtured and fed.

You are my good shepherd , meek and mild, I sing songs in the night on my bed.

Praising with lips that proclaim

loud and clear, how I love you my Lord you are so very dear.

A fresh depth of understanding as the Holy Spirit taught me in Psalm 113 & 114… and Tim Keller’s Song of Psalms-and through the past two + months,God’s people are protected and cared for especially in uncertain, changing times and God often demonstrates this with the different aspects of His creation; rivers, seas, mountains and more. We are to tremble at His power and majesty, and nothing else. He brought the Israelites safely through the Red Sea, provided water in the desert etc. He does the same for us… our Red Seas, our flooding Jordan Rivers that need to be crossed, the mountains that appear to be in our way, sickness, spiritual thirst and so fills our lives with good things, lavishes us with His love.

By Gail Harlan 2023

May Gail’s writing bless you wherever you are and whatever Red Seas, floods or mountains you may be facing today.



2 responses to “Where the Red Sea Parts”

  1. Love the picture Deb. As you know, the Lord “sends”us His thoughts, words as encouragement from Him and for others as He leads.

    Honored that you would share. I know you bless your readers!

    Joining you in the continued journey where sorrow and joy mingle,but I pray that joy is our main companion!


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